Tiergarten Cricket Club

Cricket is a complicated-yet-fun age old sport from England that has a pompous set of rules touted as the laws of cricket. Here's a "brief" intro to Cricket.

Cricketing Riff Raffs

We are a bunch of people from different cricket playing nations who gather to indulge in an informal variant of the sport cobbled together with banter and beer.

Backyard Cricket

Backyard cricket entails creating your own rules and improvising others to make the game more fun given the context of the players and the location.

Good ales and lagers

Cricket is the only sport that has "Tea breaks". Given we are in the land of Beer, we improvise with relishing ales and lagers.

You're still around?

Here's how you can join in on the fun.

  • Show up to the Tiergarten (not the zoo)
  • Go on a treasure hunt to find the people playing Cricket
  • Ask them nicely if you can join

Alternatively, you can:

  • Wait until we get off our lazy asses and put up a contact form here
  • Hunt down the github repo serving this and reach out to the author via email/social

Indeed, it is an unusual domain name

We tried to buy cricket.berlin for discoverability but found out that the registrars won't sell us the domain as "cricket" is a trademark of AT&T and buying a domain with cricket in the name can be a potential trademark infringement.